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"MIRAGE" - it is well-known label, which during already 20 years delivers to the country new names and good mood.

      Today "Mirage" is a group of young, energetic and very attractive girls who perform excellent hits with nostalgic notes of the last years and absolutely new songs with the European quality. If you need the holiday for your heart, then only "Mirage" is capable to present you unforgettable moments! You still hesitate how to decorate your evening? Hurry up! A mirage is the most mysterious event in the world, and you can make sure in this with your own eyes.
City: Moscow
Musical direction: Unique stylistics of "Mirage".
Performances: The biography of the cities is so spacious, that it can be compared unless to a geographical map of the former USSR. There is a successful experience of work abroad.
Competitions and festivals: "From Russia with Love" (Israel), "The Supreme League ", "The Song of the Year".

Alexander Bukreev

Belous Sergey